Kotoka Suzuki. Eric Rynes, violin. Albany Records. Include recording of Sift for violin and electronics.

Mikka & Other Assorted Love Songs - Eric Rynes, violin (2016)
Albany Records CD | ASIN: B01A5PIRCC
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Sift - violin + electronics (2001)

Eric Rynes (Artist, Performer). Composers: Pierre Boulez, Elliott Carter, Kotoka Suzuki, Giacinto Scelsi, Helmut Lachenmann, Iannis Xenakis, Joel-Francois Durand, Michael Alcorn, and Theo Loevendie. Format: Audio CD

"The unifying element on this CD is the violin. Its tremendous versatility and long musical history have inspired an enormous number of composers to create works featuring and exploring it. The nine diverse works from the late 20th and early 21st centuries for violin here, together, make for a multi-course meal. Mikka and Other Assorted Love Songs, with its wink to the legendary rock album, aspires to wittiness, but here it's also meant to convey an element of how Eric Rynes conceives of and performs this music. Hailed for his "committed," "intrepid," and "achingly beautiful" performances in diverse styles and genres, Eric Rynes appears in recital, is concertmaster of the Northwest Symphony Orchestra, and has made guest appearances with jazz and rock groups. Primary violinist of the Seattle Modern Orchestra, Rynes has premiered works in Berlin, Havana, Chicago, Barcelona, and Rotterdam, among many other cities. He is a graduate of the University of Washington with degrees in violin and statistical genetics and has degrees in physics from the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois."

Kotoka Suzuki. Automata | Mechanical Garden.  Inventionen VII: 30 Jahre Inventionen DVD by Edition RZ.

INVENTIONEN VII: 30 jahre inventionen 1982 - 2012 (2012)
Ed. RZ 3006-8 | 2CD + DVD
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Automata | Mechanical Garden - electro-acoustic for originally 16 channels (2010)

Five hours of electroacoustic compositions, recorded during the first 30 years of the Berlin festival "Inventionen." Box set with two audio CDs and a DVD. Includes music by Jonty Harrison, Daniel Teruggi, Hans Tutschku, Francis Dhomont, Gilles Gobeil, Scott Wilson, Kotoka Suzuki, Hanna Hartman, Richard Barrett, Pei-Yu Shi, Kees Tazelaar, Trevor Wishart, Iannis Xenakis, Sukhi Kang, Rolf Enström, Ricardo Mandolini, Takehito Shimazu, and Bogusław Schaeffer. DVD is region free, NTSC format.

Kotoka Suzuki. Hidden Voices - Rei Hotoda Piano. Signpost Record.

Rei Hotoda Apparitions (2008)                            
Signpost Records

Hidden Voices - piano solo (2003)

Apparitions (Rei’s first solo recording) features the previously unrecorded works of nine contemporary Asian composers: Jun Kouda; Toru Takemitsu; Yuji Takahashi; Noriko Hisada; Kotoka Suzuki; Toshio Hosokawa; Chan Ka Nin; Vivian Fung; and Vubcent Ho. 

Kotoka Suzuki. 50 Years Studio TU Berlin DVD. Umidi Soni Colores.

50 Years Studio TU Berlin - DVD (2005)     
EMF DVD 054 (5.1 DVD)

Umidi Soni Colores - Three videos & 8-channel surround (2002)

This DVD documents the 50th anniversary of the Electronic Studio TU Berlin (Germany). The DVD features "Umidi Soni Colores" (2002) for surround sound and 3 videos, a collaboration work with Claudia Rohrmoser (video), as well as12 other audio and video works by Boris Blacher, Herbert Bruen, Ricardo Mandolini, Unsuk Chin, Franz Martin Olbrisch, Kirsten Reese, Clemens Nachtmann, Orm Finnendahl, Daniel Teige, Hans Tutschku, Robin Minard, Trevor Wishart, and Sukhi Kang/Robert Darroll.

Kotoka Suzuki. Editions Imeb, Bourges DVD. Umidi Soni Colores.

Cultures Electroniques 18 - DVD (2006)             
èditions Imeb, Bourges, LCD 278079

Umidi Soni Colores - Three videos & 8-channel surround (2002)

Bourges 2005 International Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art Compeition compilation DVD. This DVD includes the last movement of "Umidi Soni Colores" (2002) and works by Miguel Hernandez, Andrea Szigetvari, Ralf Nuhn, Marcelle Deschenes, Luigi Ceccarelli, Mikel Arce-Sagarduy, Stephan Dunkelman, Diego Garo, Arnaud Fabre, Paolo Girol, and Roberto Morales.  



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Kotoka Suzuki. Canadian Music Centre

Canadian Music Centre

Selected scores and parts are available for loan at Canadian Music Centre (CMC). 

Telephone: (416) 961-6601
Fax: (416) 961-7198

Kotoka Suzuki. Score of Yoei at Stanford University Library Catalog.

Stanford University Library
Yoei - Music Score & CD (1999)            
ML29.1 .S968

Yoei - six percussionists, dancer and compact disc of computer-generated sounds (1999)

"... a dancer ... triggers and controls the electronic sounds in real-time using the five electric sensors that are attached to his/her body. All the computer generated sound sources derive from the sounds of the percussion instruments used in this piece, and similarly, the percussion often imitates the sound of the computer-generated sound of the cd and the dancer"

Includes instructions for performance.